Adam Johnson & racism: Sky may sack Gordon Strachan after outrage.

Gordon Strachan on Sky Sports

Scottish football personality Gordon Strachan could soon be fired from Sky.

That’s after Strachan expressed controversial views during ‘The Debate’ on Friday.

Strachan was asked about Adam Johnson’s possible return to professional football following his release from jail.

Johnson, a convicted paedophile, is now a free man after serving time behind bars.

What Gordon Strachan actually said about Adam Johnson

The conversation on ‘The Debate’ went as follows.

Geoff Shreeves asked this question:

Gordon, do you think it would be nigh on impossible for him to return to football – if he was willing and was physically capable because of the stigma that would be attacked to his particular crime?

How Gordon Strachan answered the question:

Here’s the thing, we’re talking about vile abuse and things like that. If he goes onto the pitch and people start calling him names have we got to do the same as it is to the racist situation?

Is it all right to call him names now after doing his three years – have we got to allow that to happen?

I would if he’s shown genuine remorse. Then I’d say, ‘right, let’s get on with it’.

I would because I go back to what I believe in that everybody deserves a second chance – and he’s done his bit.

People will think he’s done his three years – but this is for life. People will say ‘that’s that guy’.

But he also still has to make a living for himself and his family. What if we don’t allow him back in the game and his family are affected? His kids? We’ve got to think about that.

You cannot destroy his family and himself just because of what he did. He’s done his three years. We must forgive. I generally think we forgive most people if they show remorse.

Watch the footage of Gordon Strachan

The backlash

According to the Mail on Sunday, Gordon Strachan’s future on Sky is now in doubt.

Strachan is under scrutiny for comparing the situations of racism aimed at footballers to possible abuse of Adam Johnson.

Incidents of racism have been a prevailing problem in football this season.

Raheem Sterling, for example, was abused during a match between Chelsea and Man City.

England players have been targeted in Montenegro.

While Tottenham’s Danny Rose recently revealed he’s fed up with football because of the racism problem.

So what’s next for Strachan? The Mail on Sunday suggest he’ll have the opportunity to defend his comments:

Sky Sports will hold talks with the former Scotland manager, 62, before deciding whether he should appear on their programming again after his recent controversial appearance as a guest on The Debate.

Aware of the growing anger towards Strachan’s appearance, a Sky Sports spokesman said on Saturday night: ‘Of course Sky Sports does not support the comments and we’re sorry for the offence they have caused.’

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