‘Dear men, Don’t feel bad if your girlfriend abandons you’ – Reno Omokri pens an open note

Reno Omokri has penned an open note to men who get sad after they may have been dumped by their partner.

According to Omokri, it is foolishness on the part of the man if he feels sad after a woman leaves him over his inability to maintain her.

”Dear men,
Your fiancé or girlfriend abandoned you because you can’t maintain her and you are sad? What kind of foolishness is that? You lost a problem and you are crying? Have your village people twisted your head that you can’t see what God has done for you? Corona virus left you and has gone to infect another man! Your problem has changed address relocated, and you are crying that it ported from you? Find one corner and praise God. It is a miracle, not a dilemma!”

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