Man finds out on his wedding day that his bride has four children

A man got more than the happy-ever-after life he hoped will come after exchange of vows on his wedding day as he was hit with the rude shock of a new discovery regarding his wife-to-be.

Omwenga, a man hoping to start a family with his new wife, found out on their wedding day that she has four grown-up children who are all boys.

The wedding took place at a Pentecostal church in Nyansiongo ward, Borabu Constituency in Kisii County

The man clearly bedazzled by the discovery reportedly collapsed and became unconscious as he couldn’t bear the shocking news.

According to reports from Vunah Fm, Omwenga made serious preparations for the wedding.

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However, the wedding took a dramatic turn for the worse when it came to the exchange of vows as the bride revealed to the man that she had four fully grown boys in her previous relationship between the ages of 4 and 12.

On hearing the news, Omwenga suddenly fainted and when he regained consciousness, the wedding was stopped, because according to him, he needed to rethink about the turn of events.

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