Quaden Bayles mother react to “‘fake’ rumour about his age

The mother of bullied 9-year-old boy Quaden Bayles has been forced to react to the rumours being spread that about her son’s age.

Quaden Bayles mother, Yarraka Bayles reacted to her 9-year-old son being called scam after a video she filmed of him crying and wanting to take his life after being bullied went viral.

Yarraka Bayles shared a heartbreaking video of her nine-year-old son crying this week after he was bullied at school for having dwarfism. In tears, Quaden can be heard telling his mum,

“Give me a knife – I want to kill myself”
“I just want to die right now”.

With millions of views since it was shared on Wednesday, it has gotten several celebrities and strangers showing their support to him. A fundraiser was started in his name which has raised over $US392,000 ($A593,000) in donations so far.

In response to rumours that sprung up after the video was shared claiming he is 18 year old and not 9, Ms Bayles has shared two posts on Facebook that shut down the reports, one a video from rapper Cardi B who is defending the schoolboy.

“Thanks @iamcardiB, I love you! FACTS,” Ms Bayles wrote, posting on the dwarfism advocacy group Ms Bayles has run since 2014, Stand Tall 4 Dwarfism. She accompanied the post with an Instagram Live video of Cardi B along with the hashtag #CardiBKnowsWassup and a hooray emoji.

More proof that he is 9 year old below.

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First, an Australian show called “Living Black” did a story on Bayles in 2015, posting it to Youtube in 2015, where they mention that Quaden is 4-years-old in the first few minutes.

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