2023: Southern Kaduna People Announce Preferred Choice Of Presidential Candidate

Southern Kaduna people are free to choose either Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of Labour Party or Atiku Abubakar, the flagbearer of Peoples Democratic Party as their preferred candidate for the general election.

This is according to the Southerne Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) and the Southern Kaduna Leadership Council (SKLC).

The two groups made their decision known during a press conference on Thursday where they explained that the two candidates have shown concern for their plight and visited them.

Addressing a press conference on Thursday in Kaduna, SOKAPU president, Mr Dio Maisamari and the chairman of Southern Kaduna Leadership Council, Mr Dary Akau said Southern Kaduna people can vote for any of the two candidates on Saturday.

They said: “From the foregoing, the decision of Southern Kaduna people on the choice of Presidential Candidate to support in the 2023 general election should be guided by our historical experiences over the past twenty-five years.


“To this extent, the presidential candidates of the Peoples’ Democratic Party and Labour Party came and discussed with our people and leaders, and were given the Southern Kaduna Charter for Socio-Political Engagement. Therefore, the choice for the Southern Kaduna people is between the PDP and LP.


“In considering where to go, and which party to support, we take into consideration the fact that we have benefited more where we have been included in governance and decision making, adding politically and economically, the Southern Kaduna people have benefited more from the PDP than any other party in the history of Nigeria.


“Nevertheless, given the strength of the emotions arising from the oppression our people have suffered over the past eight years, there is the tendency to align with the Labour Party, noting as leaders of Southern Kaduna, we take cognizance of the sentiments and emotions of our people over the suffering they have gone through.


“We have examined the balance of forces on the ground in terms of structures, spread, capacity of the party and candidates to win the presidential election, hold and use the power to include the Southern Kaduna people in government.


“As leaders of Southern Kaduna are advising our people to vote for the party that has shown us inclusiveness, and the party that has the inclination, desire and potential to concretely address our cares and concerns.


SOKAPU and SKLC, therefore, advise the people of Southern Kaduna to support and vote for the presidential candidate that has shown commitment and willingness to be inclusive and address their interests. Therefore, we are calling on our people to come out massively and vote in the presidential election.”

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