Ahmed Gulak killers reportedly gunned down in Imo State

Suspected killers of former presidential aide, Ahmed Gulak, have been killed by the combined efforts of several teams of police special forces in Imo state.

Security operatives made successful effort to track down the criminals following the interrogation of the deceased’s driver who was able to describe the vehicles of the hoodlums to be a Silver Toyota Camry 2005 model, 1998 Model Gold Color Toyota Sienna, White color Toyota Hilux and Lexus RX 330 Gold Color.

Special forces, PMF, IRT, IMO State Command Tactical Units immediately took swift actions to search neighboring environment after the interrogation and they were able to spot same vehicles previously mentioned by the driver at Afor Enyi Ogwgu junction in the same LGA.

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Luck ran out for the the criminals as they were nabbed at Afor Enyi Ogwgu where they were seen causing further chaos, they had seized a trailer loaded with goods and reportedly shared the content to residents.

A fierce gun battle ensued on the arrival of the Police teams as the hoodlums immediately opened fire after sighting the special forces, PMF and IRT.

The police team killed 10 of the Hoodlums during the gun battle while others escaped with bullet wounds in one of their vehicles, three other vehicles Toyota Sienna, Toyota Hilux and Toyota Camry were demobilized. Seven out of the ten criminals killed were completely burnt beyond recognition inside the Toyota Sienna and Hilux Vehicles which caught fire during the Gun battle.

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