Alibaba Reveals Who Should Be Blamed For The Way Some Men Turn Out

Veteran Nigerian comic, Alibaba at a post he shared on his Instagram page yesterday, October 27th has opined that some guys turn out to be irresponsible because of the manner in which their mothers managed them when they were much younger.

1 lady has 3 daughters. The boy in the middle of all 4 ladies is the 3rd born. The Father the family, left two months following the last girl was born. The boy wasn’t permitted to do anything. Well, not everything, he was permitted to play Play station, computer games, cartoon network, Ben 10, and all animation movies were his daily. To crown that, at 12 years, he weighed nearly 60kg. Rude to drivers, teachers, househelps, uncles, aunties and older siblings. He was sent to a boarding school. They threw him out and he became a day pupil.

1 day, at age 13, he was caught smoking, in a school bathroom. The Vice Principal, called him to his office, he advised the Asst Senior Prefect, that he will see him later. And gradually his character was cast in iron. Rude. Poor hygiene. Disrespectful. Careless. Stubborn. No morals. No regards for constituted authority. Believes every woman was Beneath him. He wanted to be treated like a king… I know what you’re thinking. “This is an extreme case”. Trust me, even 1% of the characteristics I just recorded, is extreme.

Let me even tell you why I am worried, during vacations, the boy does nothing. Lounges. All his laundry, at age 17 going on 18, are done . And with his approach to life lacks Vision too. Tell me, how will this guy grow up to know that a woman’s NO is NO? Remember, the man you raise today is the husband of a woman, or another man’s husband… ad long as they don’t captured him, no problem

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