A bride who’s supposed to be traditionally wedded the next day was caught pants down with a male friend in a hotel room.

This was made known by Twitter user @NollywoodBoss, who claimed he was contracted to take care of the weddingrsquo;s photography and video the next day.

The wedding wouldn’t hold though, following the lady was caught in the action.

The twitter user wrote;

“Hello everybody, something just happened right now.

“A woman that would be Traditionally wedded tomorrowwas caught pants down few minutes ago.

“. .in a resort with his boyfriend in Awka.

“The escalating chaos wouldn’t let this beautiful hotel be great this night.

“So my company was contracted to deal with the Event’s Video and photography tomorrow, I and my crew were half way to the resort we would lodge this night and I got a call from the man that contracted the job to me.

“Baba said the Husband to be who came back from jand captured Wife to be trousers down with the girl’s Bf …

“Funny thing is, the Girl lodged the Bf in the exact same resort, his Husband to-be and his friends are too.

“So babe went to the Bfs area to accumulate knacks and was captured.

“We got to the resort and people are trying to calm the unfortunate Groom down.

“Baba have bought drinks, killed 3 cows for tomorrow’s food.

“This is so unfortunate 🤔🤔

“Me have collected 70% upfront of my services, I can’t refund money oo, anytime baba funds another wife I shall come and work… Shekena

“I pray this guy doesn’t do something awful this night, he has limited time to stay in Nigeria and has already gotten a visa for the Stupid woman but Prick wouldn’t allow her to become great! ”

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