Buhari Responds To Marginalization Allegations From Anambra Chiefs

President Muhammadu Buhari has said he tried to be fair in giving appointments based on merit.

Buhari said this yesterday at the palace of Nnaemeka Achebe, obi of Onitsha, in Anambra state where he campaigned for reelection.

Traditional leaders in the palace had accused the president of marginalizing the region, but Buhari said five members of his cabinet were from the region.

“I think I tried to be fair. And you can ask these ministers. I never asked them how are they running their parastatals, the boards. I appointed them and I trust them. I allow them to work,” he said.

“I don’t have to tell you what noise the other states are making especially when compared to the votes I got in 2015. So, I think I try to be fair.”

He said the same complaints from the South East have been coming from other parts of Nigeria but that they do not reflect the truth.

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“Those of you who were in the military even in the Biafran Army, know that the entry point is the same and you go for basic training until you go to your formations or institutions whether it is army, navy, air force or the police. The most competent or senior person is the one that gets there.”

On the appointment of service chiefs, Buhari said; “If there are half a million soldiers, only one man can be the chief of Army staff at a time. This is so for the rest of the troop.

“In recruitment, we make sure that by states, people are recruited. At least, this is what I do, people are recruited from each state. For those who manage to get recruited, it’s up to them to get to the top if they are professional and work for it.

“The present chief of army staff, the chief of air staff, the chief of naval staff even the previous inspector-general of police that just left, I didn’t know them personally before I appointed them. I follow records.

“The same thing with the IG, that one was appointed last week. I don’t think I have ever seen him, I follow records. So, appointments in the Armed Forces and other law enforcement agencies depend on individual performance after recruitment not where you think you come. At least between me and God, this is what I do.”

Urging the traditional rulers in Anambra state to support the government in improving the security situation of the country, the president also highlighted what his government had done for the state.

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