A car reportedly rammed into the Akwa Ibom House Of Assembly and destroyed the complex’s perimeter fence, in what many interpreted as another ploy to gain access into the 6th Assembly chambers .The incident occurred on Sunday and it was gathered that the bus overshot the gutter and rammed into a section of the fence, leaving an opening close to the House of Assembly chambers section of the complex.

Car rams into Akwa Ibom House Of Assembly, destroys perimeter fence lailasnews 1

While a remedial work is ongoing to fix the perimeter fence under the strict supervision of the Assembly security agents, security men at the House of Assembly arrested the driver of the car which rammed into the Akwa Ibom House of Assembly and whisked him away for interrogation.

“It is suspected to be a ploy by Idongesit Ituen and his co-travellers to create an opening for an illegal entry into the chambers,” a security operative allegedly said.

“The plot is already failed one. The gutter on the road and the distance between the fence and the road makes the story of an accident a farce,” a bystander retorted.

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