The EU’s chief negotiator has delivered his most withering condemnation yet of Theresa May’s Brexit proposals, as he insisted accepting the plan would spell the “end” for the European project. As resistance to the prime minister’s policy mounts in both the UK and Europe, Michel Barnier revealed why he isRead More →


The prime minister’s own “scramble for Africa” is reaching its climax. After arriving in Nairobi late at night, Theresa May endured another packed schedule in Kenya, culminating with a bilateral meeting and state dinner with president Uhuru Kenyatta. Her tour overall has been productive. In Cape Town, she declared theRead More →

Theresa May has called for an”amicable solution” to the ongoing row between British and French fisherman following their dispute over scallops turned violent. It comes after French fisherman allegedly threw smoke bombs, rocks and other projectiles in English and Scottish boats in the early hours of Tuesday morning, with holesRead More →

Theresa May has said the UK is “determined” to help Nigeria combat the threat posed by Boko Haram militants. The prime minister has signed the first-ever security and defence partnership between the two countries, with the intention of stopping the “regional menace from spreading and posing a direct threat toRead More →

Theresa May has made an “unashamed” vow to ensure foreign aid spending benefits UK interests. Speaking during a three-day trip to Africa, the prime minister outlined her ambitions for the continent, declaring her desire for the UK to become the G7’s leading investor there by 2022. Mrs May pledged toRead More →

Theresa May delivered a rebuke to her chancellor as she arrives in Africa for her first visit to the continent as prime minister. When asked whether she thought her chancellor was right in his assessment of the economic impact of “no deal” – as outlined in a letter to theRead More →

By Lewis Goodall, political correspondent, in Cape Town, and Aubrey Allegretti, news reporter Theresa May will fire the starting gun on a race for Britain to be the largest G7 investor in Africa by 2022 as she touches down in Cape Town tomorrow. The prime minister is expected to layRead More →

Theresa May will commemorate more than 600 black South Africans who drowned in the English Channel a century ago as she begins a trade mission to the country. The prime minister will present President Cyril Ramaphosa with the ship bell of the SS Mendi, which sank off the coast ofRead More →