Outspoken Nollywood film manufacturer, Charles Novia has rubbished the celebrated love affair between Ghollywood-Nollywood actress, Juliet Ibrahim and Nigerian singer, Iceberg Slim, that has since gone south by saying the couple never had respect for one another. While commenting on a picture the few shared on social media months ago while their love was talk-of-the-town, the film maker said no couple who has respect and dignity could share a picture in which the guy is grabbing the butt of the woman about on a social media. He explained: “Any fiance who ignites his fiancee’s nyansh like this and then they break up after this public display of ‘nyashcality’, has devalued the value of that nyansh for additional prospective ‘nyanshcals’. Both erstwhile betrothed were irresponsible to have even allowed this type of picture go out in the first place. ”The Ghanian actress, has confirmed her openly celebrated relationship with the singer is over. The beautiful actress confirmed this in an event in Ghana where she disclosed that she is single.

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