Coffin With Photo Of Man Who Is Still Alive Found Dumped Outside His Compound


There was palpable tension in Nyamwansu Tabaka ward in South Mugirango, Kisii county, Kenya, after a coffin with a picture of an alive person was dumped in the community.

It was gathered that the coffin was found outside the compound of Mzee Kayusi, a respected elder in the community, who is still very much alive.

The incident has sparked fear and confusion among the residents, as it is believed to be a bad omen.

According to their local customs and traditions, a coffin is only supposed to contain the remains of a deceased person and the presence of a picture of a living person is considered a taboo.

The incident has attracted the attention of the media, with reporters arriving at the scene to cover the story.

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The community is in a state of disbelief, with many wondering who could have placed the picture in the coffin and for what purpose.

The authorities have been called upon to investigate the matter and to ensure that such incidents do not happen again in the future.

The community is also planning to hold a cleansing ceremony to ward off any bad luck that may have been brought about by the discovery.





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