Court convicts married man who ‘choked’ lover to death during rough sex

A Teesside crown court sitting in the United Kingdom has convicted a 32-year-old married man, Sam Pybus, who allegedly strangled his lover to death during a kinky sex session.

Pybus was accused of engaging in rough sex with the late Sophie Moss after gulping 24 bottles of beer.

UK METRO reports the cassanova drove from the house that he shared with his wife to Moss’s Darlington flat, where he applied ‘prolonged’ pressure to her neck in the heat of passion.

The judge accepted that Pybus, who admitted manslaughter, did not intend to kill and his remorse was genuine.

The Teesside crown court also heard that the amount of pressure applied to the mother-of-two’s neck was towards the lower end of cases which resulted in death.

There was no sign of any other violence used or evidence of a fight.

The prosecution counsel, Richard Wright QC, observed that Ms Moss lived alone and had a history of alcohol misuse, and had physical and mental health problems.

Pybus had been in a casual relationship with her for three years, seeing her for sex around six times a year without his wife’s knowledge.

On the fateful day, he had drunk 24 bottles of Amstel lager over ten hours, and after his wife went to bed, he drove round to the 33-year-old’s flat in the early hours of February 7.

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At 4.43am, he then drove to Darlington police station and told officers that he believed he had strangled Ms Moss in her flat.

As he officially disclosed, officers said they found her lying naked and unresponsive in bed.

Pybus was to tell detectives that during their casual sexual activity, he would apply pressure to her neck, ‘an act he said she encouraged and enjoyed’, Wright said.

‘He said sex between them was rough and he would dominate her during sexual activity, but he said he would never hurt her.’

Pybus, of Middleton St George, Darlington, told police he could only recall coming around in his boxer shorts and finding her unconscious.

Wright said Pybus told detectives that ‘he must have strangled her but couldn’t remember doing so’.

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