A member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God has accused the church leadership of terminating his membership because he appeared on the series of OAP, Daddy Freeze, that has been teaching people to go against the orders of the church, particularly Tithing.

Ayilara who was a pupil of Redeemed Bible College (RCBC), an RCCG Pastor School, had written an article in September where he accused the church’s authority of maltreating him while he was at the school. Ayilara said he had been questioning a few of the things the church had been teaching him and others in the college. When he questioned the church, he had been tagged rebellious.

Ayilara in his interview with Freeze, narrated how himself and other students of the Bible school were kept in unhygienic surroundings to the extent they had been infected with guinea worms and other diseases. He accused the church leaders of forcefully turning them into bricklayers to build homes for the church at the camp ground.

He also accused the church of forcing them to do chores for other pastors as well as tendering to the requirements of their pastor’s family, taking their kids to school. He said the church told them they ought to count it all as a blessings to do everything they are being forced to do.

Posting the news of him being thrown out, Ayilara on his Facebook page, wrote:

Reacting to the news, OAP Freeze promised to assist the man

”The church has become the ‘world’ that Jesus warned us about. The principalities and powers aren’t your aunty in the village ‘doing’ you, rather they are behind pulpits.

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