“Fornication is no respecter of gender and you can’t judge someone because you sin different” – Toke Makinwa

Media personality, Toke Makinwa has taken to Twitter to rant about the patriarchal attitude of Africans.

According to her, the spirit of Patriarchy in Africa is too intense that it makes her sick. She condemned how ladies are tagged “prostitutes” if they go from one relationship to another, while Africans turn a blind eye to men who do the same thing.

The lifestyle enterpreneur further stated that fornication is not a one-gender thing and that people can’t judge others because they sin differently.

She tweeted,

“The spirit of Patriarchy is so strong in Africa it makes me sick how can you say women who go from man to man will have questions to answer on judgment day, what of men who go from woman to woman? They’ll be welcomed into the pearly gates with open arms? Help me understand

When it is a woman she is promiscuous, when it is a man, he is living it up.

fornication is no respecter of gender and you can’t judge someone cos you sin different or you are of a different gender.”

See her tweet below,

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