Henry explains what Arteta needs to do to make Arsenal ‘explode’

Thierry Henry thinks Mikel Arteta desperately needs to find consistency at Arsenal if he wants to be able to make Arsenal “explode” in the future.

It has been one step forward and two steps back for much of the season at Arsenal with Arteta struggling to put a run of results together.

The Gunners currently sit tenth in the Premier League table, ten points off fourth-placed Chelsea and 30 points adrift of leaders Manchester City.

In their last eight games in the Premier League, Arsenal have won three, drawn two and lost three, summing up their struggle for consistency.

When asked if Arteta is making progress at Arsenal, Henry told Sky Sports: “First and foremost, I would say yes in a way because I think Mikel bought himself some time by winning the FA Cup. Some people will say, ‘Yeah that’s last year’.

“But on the way of winning it, the teams he won against bought him some time with the Arsenal fans and the team because he had something to show at the end of the season. Now what I think the team is lacking is consistency. I know people always use the word consistency but this is what they need to do.

“I sometimes put it down to their games. Sometimes I watch the first half of Arsenal and it seems like they don’t believe they can win.

“When they’re in a situation when they need to come back and have a go, it looks like why didn’t you start like that. Yesterday, you could see they wanted to win the game after and I think Tottenham made it a tiny bit easier for them on the day but I can see a progress.

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“That needs to move on to consistency, that’s going to be very key. I think Mikel has a good squad. He left out [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang but you still have [Alexandre] Lacazette.

“I like the way he set up the team yesterday. People were going forward more often than not. The intensity was there, the desire to win the game was there. When they play on the front foot and they go forward they can beat any team in the league.

“Right now, I think the squad is good. Can it be better? Yes. Was there any progress? I think there was progress. Is there any structure, are they doing better? The table doesn’t lie at the end of the day.

“You’re still behind Tottenham and a lot of team but it is a process. He says it’s a process that will explode. Hopefully very soon but consistency needs to happen pretty quickly.”

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