A while ago, it was reported that veteran performer, Lari Williams, was going blind and needed urgent attention. But it seems his eyesight is slowly returning to normal.

He said, “As you can see, I’m managing my eyes and it’s getting better. I still direct plays and manage to read but not as great as before. ”

He also revealed that he planned to celebrate his 50 years on stage in November, saying the celebration has begun already.  He said, “I’m celebrating my 50th anniversary on stage . But the boys in Nollywood stated they needed a jamboree a week earlier, which means it started last Friday.

“They will introduce Lari Williams as a musician; many people don’t understand this about me. I arrived home on the invitation of the Nigerian government for FESTAC ‘77 and I have not left since then. However, I have travelled out of the country and come back. ”

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