Nollywood Actress Sonia Ogiri Flaunts Her New Body Figure on Instagram


Sonia Ogiri, a US-based Nollywood actress, recently took to her Instagram page to show off her new body figure. In a post on her page, the actress shared a photo of herself, proudly displaying the results of a surgical procedure.

The practice of going under the knife has become increasingly popular in recent times, and Sonia Ogiri is just one of many celebrities who have opted for this method of body transformation. The actress was not shy about sharing her excitement about her new look, as she captioned the post with a boastful message.

She shared her first post expressing her gratitude to the doctor who worked on her body. She shared the photo and captioned it, “I finally got my Body done 💃🏋️‍♀️ and I want to officially thank my Doctor.”

In another post, she thanked her man for standing by her and supporting her. She wrote;

“I want to thank my Man for the support throughout my Surgery journey. Thank you so much, my King. I’m still healing and it will drop down”

While some have criticized the trend of plastic surgery, others argue that it is a personal choice and should not be judged. Whatever the case may be, Sonia Ogiri’s post has certainly generated a lot of attention and sparked a conversation about the topic.

Se post below:

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