Jorginho ‘angry’ with Chelsea fans before ’embarrassing’ them

Jorginho has admitted he was “so angry” with the Chelsea fans who doubted him when he arrived at Stamford Bridge, but insists he used it as “fuel” to later “embarrass” them.

The Italian has enjoyed a stunning year, becoming just tenth man in history to win the Champions League and European Championship in the same season.

Jorginho was brought to Chelsea by former blues boss Maurizio Sarri, with many fans at the time claiming the midfielder was only selected as he was a favourite having worked under the manager at Napoli.

“My start at Chelsea made me miss it [Napoli] even more. We all remember what they were saying, right? I was too slow. I was too weak. I was Sarri’s son. Man, it made me so angry,” Jorginho told The Players’ Tribune.

“But listen, they underestimated me. You see, I’ve had a turbulent start at every club I’ve been with. Every club. It’s incredible.

“When I came to Verona, nobody wanted me. They sent me on loan to the fourth division. Nobody wanted me there either. But I kept working and I won respect. I went back to Verona and we went up to Serie A,” he added.

“I had a hard year at Napoli, too, and then Sarri came and changed everything. So the Chelsea stuff? Puh! I just used the criticism as fuel. I was thinking, ‘These people are going to be embarrassed.’

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“And now I’m sitting here with a Europa League title and a Champions League title. So to all the critics, I just want to say one thing. Thank you. Really, thank you all.”

Jorginho also added the UEFA Men’s Player of the Year award to his list of achievements, beating Chelsea teammate N’Golo Kante to the gong.

“I would like to say thank to you all the people who made their contribution to making this happen,” Jorginho said via a video link having won the award.

“A big thanks from the heart to all the people who helped me on this journey, from family to friends, to the supporters and my teammates and to people who didn’t believe in me.

“They motivated me to work even more so thanks to them as well. I’ve very happy, a hug to everybody.”

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