Juliet has called Iceberg a narcissist after he called her a toxic person for finally revealing that their relationship is over.

In an Instastory article, Iceberg Slim opened on what caused the break up between him and the celebrity. Recall that both celebrities have been in the news ever since it filtered out that they’ve broken up. None of them have been clear about their connection status until couple of days ago when Juliet Ibrahim stated publicly that she’s now single.

The Ghanaian celebrity of Lebanese descent opened up about her new status at an event in Ghana where she explained, “I made it clear I was single. ”Juliet Ibrahim nevertheless failed to provide a clear answer when asked if the cause of the split is as a result of cheating.
Reacting to the announcement made by Juliet Ibrahim whom we can refer to as his ex-girlfriend, Iceberg Slim shared a post on his Instastory to point out his own stance. According to Iceberg Slim, Juliet Ibrahim is going about trying to paint him awful before the public simply because she couldn’t control how he believes. In addition, he referred to her as a toxic person.

Probably angered by Iceberg Slim’s revelation, Juliet Ibrahim fired back by stating that he’s a narcissist who’s actually the toxic or crazy one.

She wrote,”A real person will constantly use silence in any form of confrontation. That’s the way they manipulate you to feel you’re the toxic or crazy one. In the event you’re dating someone who’ll rather keep mute then communicate or talk about issues — RUN!!! #narcissist. ”






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