A South African lady took to twitter to narrate how she and her sister were sexually abused and her mother threatened to send them out of the home if they reported their abuser.

The Twitter user, who’s now suffering from depression, said her mother allowed the abuse to occur and refused to stop it.  Other relatives knew about it and did nothing. She said the injury of the abuse is the reason why she and her sister are dealing with depression.

Read her tweets below:“I don’t have a relationship with my mom because she allowed me and my sister to be abused and refused to stop it. She protected our abuser and advised us to leave her home if we wanted to report it. My sister and I are both adults suffering from Depression.

“Relatives were aware of what was happening but non of them said anything, it carried on for decades!  I’ve been angry! Im still angry! She failed us!  She broke us down, we were children man! How do you tell your daughter that had to endure bullying at school come home to be told that she’s fat and useless! We had no where to run! “For the longest time I suffered with low self esteem and as an adult I’ve been trying to overcompensate by wearing less clothes so I can get compliments and feel hot and beautiful! Then you get a folks who judge you because of your choices without understanding the real story. “It’s not that deep” Twitter savages say. When someone commits suicide then y’all are fast with the Rest in electricity garbage!

“Don’t worry though, I got help, the end of each day is a victory against Depression because I’m still alive! ”

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