Lady dies as hospital refuse treatment, demand police report

A rather sad story has emerged online on how a Lagos hospital caused the death of a lady by refusing to treat her demanding police report.

A Twitter user  with the handle @tomiwale_ has take to the micro blogging platform to share a rather heartbreaking story that led to the death of a hard working lady whose death was sealed by the Nation’s stringent hospital policies.

According to @tomiwale_, a yet to be identified lady was attacked and robbed on her way home by armed hoodlums, she was stabbed and rushed to a near by hospital by good Samaritan unfortunately the hospital’s refusal to treat her due to the absence of police report led to her death.

See his tweet below:

Good morning Uncle @segalink, thank you for all you are!

A hard working lady was coming from work yesterday. She got stabbed and robbed. She was helped to an hospital (I’m trying to get the name) and the hospital said she can’t be treated without a police report.

She’s late. Uncle @segalink, I understand that she’s gone even though I still can’t believe it but I need help in getting JUSTICE. I thought a bill was passed about treatment first before Police report.

She would have been with her family this morning but… She’s not.

I need help. This is the name of the hospital:
R. Jolad.

Their address is: New garage, 1 Akindele Rd, Gbagada 100242, Lagos.

Please help

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