Ghiz Enoch has slammed the Nigerian police for torturing him and breaking his leg after a false accusation in Abia state.


He took to his Facebook page to share some images of himself receiving treatment on a broken face and leg. Sharing the pictures, he narrated how he was arrested by some policemen, then taken to a torture room where they almost killed him. He wrote;

I was on transit on friday night for a vigil in church and got down at a bus stop, I and my Bro. Immediately we heard gunshots and we ran towards different directions and unfortunately where I stopped there were two men standing by but weren’t on uniforms and I didn’t know they were police men. They handcuffed me and said I killed a police man at that bus stop that night. That’s how they took me to torture room and almost killed me. They ended up partially crippling me…..I’ve not walked since Friday night.
They didn’t see any weapons on me…just my phones and power bank and charger.

Chukwu Okike dum eje and I know He ain’t done with me yet.
I dedicate my survival to Him alone.

9th November 2018…..gave me another medal of honor.

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