Man United fans rage at AWB, Lindelof, Ole and Woodward

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Never wanted it anyway
Great result. We won an extra week of rest…
Niraj (didn’t play too badly all said and done) Tampa USA

Raging at the Sevilla cheats
Just watched the most despicable set of cheating, diving, imaginary card-waving set of arses fluke their way past United, if there was ever a least deserved win that was it. The referee tried to get a handle on it but it was constant. To some this might sound like sour grapes but to go out to their only shot in the entire second half after countless chances created by United sticks in the throat, the defending for the winner was terrible though, Wan Bissaka lost his man and Lindelof was in no man’s land watching the cross sail over his head. I for one will be supporting the winner of Monday’s semi in the final as this set of cheats deserve nothing.
Paul Murphy, Manchester

Instant conclusions to Man United loss
– For the love of God I don’t want to read about ‘know-how’ or ‘experience’. Sevilla were excellent for about 15 minutes in the first half between the goals, and then absolute trash for the remainder. They scored from their only shot in the second half, I believe Luke de Jong’s only touch, despite him being the only CF with three United players in the box. They must be thanking their lucky stars tonight. As a United fan I’m used to questioning what it is AWB thinks about when he’s in the box and not tackling anyone, but it’s clearly not marking anyone. Maybe he’s got some great Netflix lined up.

– A step too far for United? Three semi-finals and a third-place finish is nothing to be scoffed at. But. United should have eased through this match. Martial does not tend to miss four chances of that quality.

– And it’s just Martial because he could have been playing alone up there. Rashford deserved to be hooked at half-time. Couldn’t pass, couldn’t shoot, couldn’t make the right decisions. The lad looks completely out of form, and offered United nothing whatsoever.

– This United squad is basically held together with duct-tape, and it can’t get the job done. Williams seems a lovely, local lad, but a left-back he is not. United with a fit Shaw are a completely different prospect, but that’s kind of the point. It appears the ‘richest club in the world’ can’t afford two specialist full backs in their squad, and the only choice was an academy right back.

– Similarly, having an 18-year old striker as the only option on the right side of attack is equally galling. Greenwood is a striker, not a wide-forward. And it shows. So with an injury to Luke Shaw, United are basically 2/10 outfield players lite, despite all that money spent. What does a Director of Football do again?

– All that said, Ole needs to field a touch of blame. Despite it looking like United were in control, no subs til the 87th minute is unforgivable, especially given that AWB has looked out on his feet since June. If it was Jose I’d say it was to send a message to big Ed, but it’s Ole, so I think he’s just too damned nice to ‘Rashy’.

– After just witnessing Atletico and now Sevilla, I honestly think UEFA or FIFA need to introduce some kind of system to punish the great ‘screamers’ of the game. Both refs were pretty good, but I am 100% sure that those teams are being coached to scream every time they’re touched, and then to roll, and then hold their faces. I’d say it’s embarrassing but it’s clearly not, it’s just cheating. It’s not ‘experience’, it’s not ‘being clever’ – it’s cheating. I’d love to see post-match yellows for exaggeration, all done by video ref. How is a ref supposed to protect players when they act – emphasis on act – like this?

– Bit disappointing end to a strange season, but I hope that United’s strengths and weaknesses are clear to the board. Three players from the academy all started tonight, and despite whatever spend figure you want to put in, there were virtually no genuine game changers on the bench. That should result in people being fired, but we’re United so as long as the kids get their dividends, who cares. Huge work is needed on this squad.

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– As such, forget Sancho. If we can spend that money on another versatile midfielder, an actual left-footed left back, a specialist right-winger and a full time centre-forward we’ll be a completely different prospect next season.
Ryan, Bermuda

This Man United squad needs work
I think that really goes to show how desperately we need quality added to the squad and depth. I was so frustrated at Ole not making any subs, but then when Dan James, Mata, Ighalo, and Fosu Mensah came on and did sweet f*** all between them I mellowed a bit. It’s a real shame that as soon as Martial found some form Rashford seemed to lose it. He’s been very poor post lockdown.

It was an incredibly annoying game to lose. The first half was even but we were by far the better team in the second half. They created basically nothing except for the goal and their keeper had to make four-five saves in that half.

So, frustrated, but accepting that it’s still been a good season all in all. The team is much younger, playing much better football, has got back in to the Champions League, and has a much better attitude than before. But it’ll be a few years of growth before we can take that step up.
Calum (fingers crossed for another good summer window going in to next season), MUFC, Wokingham

Man United still miles off
Can we agree that we all got a bit carried away about that unbeaten run now? Three very winnable semi-finals lost because Solskjaer’s game management is not up to task. Also, if someone doesn’t teach Brandon Williams how to defend one-on-one he’s never going to make it at that level as a full back. The defender with the worst 1 v 1 success rate in the league last season, its no coincidence that Utd’s form fell off a cliff after Shaw got injured (again). But they’ve missed out on Poch, so where can they go now? Another season of battling for fourth, coming right up.

…Writing this after rightfully predicting a loss to Sevilla in my previous mail. Not going to talk about the game, I’ll leave it to the other mailers be it rivals getting their laughs in or other frustrated fellow United fans.

Starting off I’ll just say Ole has done a good job since he took over. From who he’s transferred in and being ruthless with his decisions to transfer out the players who overstayed their welcome, players that previous managers didn’t have the marbles to throw out. In terms of man management he’s done okay. The players like him and want to play for him, and they don’t look depressed as they usually would have under the previous manager.

That being said, we just don’t look enough on the pitch. We’re relying too much on star quality and lucky chances be it through penalties or the odd VAR decisions. Tactically I still don’t know what exactly it is we do apart from the occasional counter attack.

Next season should be Ole’s last. He’ll have enough time to finish laying out a good foundation of players to work and give the next manager a good place to start off. However this sort of pipe dream will only work if a certain Ed Woodward and Co. put their money where their mouth is, stop with the PR nonsense that’s poisoning the atmosphere every window and get in the players the manager asks for as early as possible.

Candidates for our next manager in my opinion are Nagelsmann, Tuchel, Pochettino, Marco Rose. Nagelsmann is still young so he has a lifetime of decisions to make before making a jump. Tuchel is an option but seems to be doing well at PSG, Rose has only just joined Gladbach this season so that’s totally out of question. The only realistic option is Pochettino, Premier League proven and will be allowed to spend unlike his time at Spurs under the Penny Pincher that is Levy, albeit going through a PR circus every window. That bulldog looking CEO should snap him up before Barcelona does. Perhaps the PR team has suggested Poch play the piano to introduce himself. We all know Sir Woodward will mess that up too so why bother.

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Onto a few players. I’ll keep it short.

1.) Brandon Williams will never be good enough and will be playing for a mid-table or Championship club in a few years time. Oh wait, he’s been rewarded with a new contract. Earns more than TAA and 5k Less than Robertson.
2.) Lindelof should be moved on to being a squad player, or maybe move him up to CM. He’s good with the ball at his feet and can play a good pass.
3.) Fred has never been good enough, he’s just our new Anderson.

Lastly, stuff like this just reminds us how badly we need a DOF, rewarding a new contract to players who are clearly not good enough, finished players overstaying their welcome, overpaying for player transfers (or rather being bullied and caving in to the demands of other clubs because Sir Woodward thinks he’s a genius when it comes to negotiations) and poor recruitment when it comes to managers (LVG, Mourinho).
PS, Nairobi
P.S Every time I see Sir Woodward’s face be it in the media, the stands, anywhere you can think of, I just imagine Curb Your Enthusiasm Playing. It’s both funny and sad.

…Watching Man United create and waste so many golden chances really hurt but it also underscores one key point – the need for a clinical finisher like Sancho. Liverpool and City are so high above us yet they are strengthening, so also are Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs. United have been linked with so many players but none are bought. It was annoyingly shocking to read that no bid has been made for Sancho, for example. This truly begs the question – do Woodward and the Owners really want to spend money to improve the quality and depth of the squad? Even a grade one child can provide the answer. United’s transfer efforts, if any, are shockingly ineffective and poor. Their inability to sign quality players so far points to this. Regards from Australia.
Professor David Achanfuo Yeboah

Everyone remain calm please
No doubt the torches were being lit at the final whistle, but there is little reason for concern. Lindleof has turned in yet another horror show to hopefully further cement his place on the rocket ship out of the club during the summer – he is a dreadful defender, prone to lapses in concentration constantly. His reaction to Fernandes criticism just highlights that his lack of awareness not only applies to the opposition, but to himself as well, what a total spoon.

Like Copenhagen, their keeper played a blinder. Martial, Rashford and Greenwood have scored plenty of goals quite evenly between them for it not to cause me any concern. A bit of bad luck in front of goal was all tonight. I thought the ref did very well generally, he did not allow himself to be fooled by either team and let play continue, despite not giving a yellow for the foul on Martial outside their box after allowing play to continue.

However, while acknowledging these things happen, it means you gotta keep it tight at the back. I am still at a complete loss to understand the collective aneurysm had by AWB and Lindleof. Both found their own reasons to deem De Jong invisible. They both know he was there, so did they back him to score? It is impossibly dumb what they did. Scholes and Ince arguing who is the bigger muppet was a highlight though, both finally agreeing both were giant spoons,

It would have been nice to add some silverware, but lots of positives out of the night, and evidence gathered on who and what needs changing. At least now I don’t have to worry about Sanchez, Lukaku and Young scoring and celebrating in front of their old team mates. I’d have puked.
Rowan, Red Devil Dub

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