Napoli legend likens Osimhen to gazelle

Former SC Napoli striker Italian Stefan Schwoch has described  Victor Osimhen as a gazelle  after the Super Eagles striker scored an impressive hat trick in eight minutes during  a  pre-season match on Friday.

While a section of the  Italian press  has already  likened Osimhen as the new Edinson Cavani, others  reportedly said  he’s the new George Weah  Or Didier Drogba.

But Schwoch  who star for the Gli Azzurri between 1999 and 2000, said Osimhen is a mixture of  both Colombian  and Parma’ s legend  Faustino Asprilla and Ivorian  striker Gervinho who is currently attached to Parma,   adding the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup left everyone  stunned  with his fast running like ‘a gazelle’.

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“ He (Osimhen) reminds me of two players linked to Parma,”  the 50-year-old  told Italian tabloid Corriere dello Sport. “ The first is Asprilla. What do they have in common? The same running ability.

“Obviously, being very young, Osimhen must improve on the technical level, in his movements, in the defense of the ball; but he has extraordinary characteristics, like the Colombian, to make Napoli fans fall in love.”

Schwoch, who is currently  the sporting director of Vicenza continued: “For the sprint in the open field, he reminded me about  Gervinho. Of course,  he has another role but Osimhen too can start from afar to take advantage of his speed.”

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Schwoch who scored  an impressive 28 goals in 57 appearances during his days with Napoli  further said that Osimhen’s hat trick against the less fancied L’Aquilla at the Patini stadium in Castel di Sangro on Friday as a morale booster .

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