Nigeria not worth any sane citizen dying for – Bishop Kukah

Bishop of Sokoto Catholic Diocese, Mathew Kukah, has stated that no sane citizen of this country is worth dying for Nigeria while expressing his displeasure over the mounting insecurity in the country.

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Bishop Kukah during his homily at the Good Shepherd Major Seminary, Kaukau, Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State before the burial of the seminarian killed by kidnappers in the state lamented that citizens of some countries were willing to risk their lives for their nations but such is not the case in Nigeria.

He said,

“This president has displayed the greatest degree of insensitivity in managing our country’s rich diversity. “He has subordinated the larger interests of the country to the hegemonic interests of his co-religionists and clansmen and women.

The impression created now is that to hold a key and strategic position in Nigeria today, it is more important to be a northern Muslim than a Nigerian,” Bishop Kukah told the thousands of people who witnessed the funeral ceremony inside the seminary.

“The persecution of Christians in northern Nigeria is as old as the modern Nigerian state.

“Their experiences and fears of northern, Islamic domination are documented in the Willinks Commission Report way back in 1956.

“It was also the reason why they formed a political platform called, the Non-Muslim League.”

He continued

“Nigeria is at a point where we must call for a verdict. There must be something that a man, nay, a nation should be ready to die for.

“Sadly, or even tragically, today, Nigeria, does not possess that set of goals or values for which any sane citizen is prepared to die for her.

“Perhaps, I should correct myself and say that the average officeholder is ready to die to protect his office but not for the nation that has given him or her that office.”

“The Yorubas say that if it takes you 25 years to practice madness, how much time would you have to put it into real life? We have practised madness for too long.

“Our attempt to build a nation has become like the agony of Sisyphus who angered the gods and had to endure the frustration of rolling a stone up the mountain. Each time he got near the top, the gods would tip the stone back and he would go back to start all over again. What has befallen our nation?”

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