Nigerian suspected fraudster and CEO of Instanbul Entertainment, Otunba Cash, and his gang have been arrested during a sting operation in connection with a $1.4m e-mail scam in Turkey.

Trouble started for him when the Danish authorities sent a letter to Turkish Police Department on 9 May 2018, via Interpol, that an unauthorized access was made to one GM Plast firm ’s email address.

And that the firm paid monies into some accounts in Turkey. Analysis by Turkish Cybercrime Department led to the arrest of Turkish ED, ZI and N.M, whose businesses were used as fonts.

Additional investigation then revealed that some Nigerians were the ones behind the scheme. Following the technical and physical follow-up, authorities conducted simultaneous operations in Istanbul on 18 October.

Emanuel Aneke was eventually arrested in the luxury hotel he was staying with gang members O. Popoola, AA Oyemade, AT Fajolu and BO Balogun in Bağcılar. .
Aneke was said to have hacked the emails of the huge businesses that made international trades, and then cloned payment advises. The team will then trick the companies into making payments in their font businesses.

While the luxury car used by Aneke was confiscated, 17 mobile phones, 15 sim cards, 3 flash memory, 4 computers, 1 memory card, $85k, €5k, 5 bracelets, 3 bracelets, two handcuffs, 2 rings, 1 earring, Rolex watch and numerous crime documents were recovered during the raid.

Watch the video below;

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