“Nobody Told Me Goat Was An Animal. I Thought It Was A Vegetable” – Vegan Calls Out Restaurant For Serving her Curry Goat

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A vegan woman has called out a restaurant for serving her curry goat after she ordered the dish.

She specifically asked for a “curry goat” and was served just that.

After taking the dish she ordered home and eating it, she called the restaurant to complain.

She said,” Nobody told me that goat was an animal. If I’d known that goat was an animal, I’d never have eaten it.”

She said she “ate the meat and sucked the bone” because she thought it was “fake bone”.

“I didn’t know it was a real animal. I didn’t even know goat was even an animal. I thought it was a vegetable.”

Sobbing, she continued: “I’ve been a vegan for 28 years and you guys ruined it for me.”

Listen to the call below;

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