On the inclusion of Urhobo, other coastal communities to Biafra Republic map, this man has this advice for Nnamdi Kanu

This short article was posted on Facebook by one Ovie Ughwanogho

A friendly advise to Biafra. Please, stick to the five south eastern states, then you have a chance to succeed.

If Igbos in Rivers State, Delta state, Benue State, and Akwa Ibom state should, at a later date , wish to join Biafra, a referendum could be arranged. If they wish not to join Biafra, they can belong to any country they prefer or even have a country of their own. That is self determination.

But you see the area called Midwest or Bendel, now Edo and Delta states, don’t go there. It is the only region in Nigeria created by the free will of its people to exist together through a referendum. It stood as an independent region when Nigeria existed as four regions including Eastern region, Western region, Northern region and of course Midwest region. Nothing can undo that referendum except another referendum.

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The current population of the Midwest is estimated at about 12 million. More populous than about 100 countries recognized by the United Nations.

Midwest has the human and material capacity to stand on its own if push comes to shove. Any group that intends to exit the Midwest can do so through a referendum.

Biafra cannot afford to and should not open up too many conflict points, by this overreaching attitude; same attitude that contributed to the failure of the first attempt. Learn from history and be wise.

Midwest alone will determine the future of Midwest after consultations with stakeholders within and without its territory. Be guided

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