Several Kenyans are outraged after openly gay CNN anchor, Richard Quest, boldly spoke on the altar at a Church service in their nation.

The journalist is openly homosexual.

”We welcome @richardquest to fellowship with us this morning @JccKenya. May God minister to you as fellowship with us today.  #ArmorOfGod #JCCParklands. ” JCC  shared on their official Twitter handle.

Mr Quest is in Kenya on assignment to cover Kenya Airways’ maiden direct flight to America. The nonstop journey from JKIA to New York, with 234 passengers on board, will last 13 hours.

The responses on the internet were mixed, with most wondering if the Kenyan church was okay with gays attending their church. Kenyan religious leaders have for long steered clear of the homosexual debate, even as President Uhuru Kenyatta recently reiterated that it was not an issue of concern in this country and not worth speaking about.

See Kenyans’ responses:

@Mikekyale”Seriously ? , we have allowed Mr. Quest who’s GAY, without any apologies/repentance to speak on pulpit?

@Superpetro: ”We have allowed thieves and murderers in Kenya to speak on the pulpit for years. Why is this suddenly an issue? ”

@1KenOgutu: ”Quest means business, JCC is merely business Centre. ”

@Yawhnie: ‘‘God does not condone same sex relationship…. Here u parading a self declared homosexual on the pulpit. ”

@Mamabrenda19: ”In Kenya so long as you are a foreigner then nothing is impossible. . They respect and love foreigner than their own. . ”

@JWkhasndi: ”To a club like JCC, a homosexual in their attendance is more celebrated than Lord Jesus. Notice I called it club not church. ”

Popular for his series Quest Means Business, Richard Quest has been in Kenya for days now calling for the decriminalization of same sex actions.

“I am obviously going to be advancing an agenda that says there should be the decriminalization of same sexual activity. It’s straight forward, I am not gonna mess around with that one. That is obviously my view,” he explained in the interview.

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