In a video of a 2015 RCCG programme Daddy Freeze shared, the revered man of God might be seen lifting up a comb as he led the congregation in prayers.

Pastor Adeboye had advised his congregation to come to the program with their combs, which he later prayed on them. Then he instructed the congregants not to loose the comb. He said they should make sure if theyrsquo;re heading for any interview or visa application, the comb he prayed on is what they should use.

Commenting on the practice, the contentious Daddy Freeze said,

“First he asked his congregation to pray to a pole he lifted up, now this comb? Or how do you explain this? With a comb when you need a visa? 😳

“Singapore is 5 years younger than Nigeria, yet they don’t need combs for visas because their passport is the most powerful on the planet. When are we even going to get sense in this country?

“In my view, Adeboye needs Jesus. ”

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