Police nab 36 suspects, seize 8 vehicles bought with ransom money

The Adamawa State Police Command has nabbed 36 suspects comprising 32 charged with kidnapping and four with armed robbery.

The Police command also seized eight vehicles which it says it recovered from one of the 32 kidnap suspects.

All the 36 suspects, the eight recovered vehicles and weapons the suspects were said to have used to perpetuate their crimes were presented to newsmen on Tuesday by the state Police Commissioner of Police, Olugbenga Adeyanju.

The CP named 37-year-old Hamadu Umoru as the one who conspired with some others at large to kidnap people from across Adamawa State and parts of Taraba and used ransom obtained from the victims to acquire the eight cars now in police custody.

“Investigation conducted led to the recovery of eight vehicles. All the vehicles were bought with the ransom received from victims of kidnapping,” Olugbenga Adeyanju asserted.

He gave the names of three of the four suspects charged with criminal conspiracy and armed robbery as Yusuf Musa (35 years old), Sale Kade (30) and Modi Luka (33).

Exhibits recovered from the 36 suspects nine AK 47 Rifles and 664 rounds of live ammunition, 16 arrows, six knives, 10 phones, and two laptops, among other items.

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Adeyanju said the arrests and recovery of vehicles and weapons were made within last month by the anti-kidnapping unit of the Adamawa State Police Command, in collaboration with professional hunters and other community stakeholders.

“Professional hunters are very helpful generally, with exception of a few who are giving the hunters a bad name,” the police boss said.

He explained that the professional hunters who act as neighbourhood guards in their various communities help in lowering rate of crime.

He presented seven such professional hunters and community leaders and issued them with certificates of recognition.

The CP was himself honoured with a merit award by about group which commended him for keeping Adamawa State relatively safe through diligent leadership of the state police command.

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