“Say No To COVID-19 Vaccine”- Dino Melaye Urges Nigerians

Dino Melaye

Former Nigerian senator, Dino Melaye, has urged Nigerians and other African countries to say NO to the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a viral video which has been shared on social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram, the former senator advised Nigerians and Africans “not to accept the use of any vaccine for now.”

Mr Melaye insinuated that it is impossible to have secured a vaccine for the novel virus given that “other diseases like cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS still have no vaccines”.

“For 100 years now, we could not find a vaccine for cancer, for over 40 years we are yet to find a vaccine for HIV/AIDS, for over another 100 years research is still going on to find a vaccine for diabetes. How is it possible on earth is it possible that in one year, you find a vaccine for COVID-19?”

He claimed that some people who took “that vaccine”, died within three days; a claim not backed by facts as the few countries that have started administering the virus have yet to report such deaths. Countries such as the U.S. and the UK have began administering the virus.

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“I am calling on African leaders not to allow Africans to be used as guinea pigs by developed nations for their satanic reasons,” he said in the video.

“We say no to the application of any vaccine in Africa. We call on the Minister of Health of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to immediately discontinue the interaction with those who want to give us vaccine.”

Mr Melaye, known for his theatrics, said the vaccines “were killers and the federal government will be held accountable if any vaccine is applied on Nigerians and has negative effects”.

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