SCOAN is on fire and TB Joshua is in hell, said Anne after revealing truth about his church

SCOAN is on fire, and TB Joshua is in Hell!

This is what Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, taught me today, June 11:

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I saw The Synagogue of All Nations (SCOAN) on fire, the whole structure on fire.

Second, I saw TB Joshua wearing a robe. He was taken to HELL by an Angel; he was terrified and crying for mercy. The Angel, on the other hand, pulled him into the pit. I had a conversation with the Apostle. I felt compelled to share the story in Luke 16:19-31 about the rich man who wanted to send Lazarus to warn his brothers when he died in Hades; Abraham replied that if his brothers don’t listen to the messages of Moses and the Prophets, they won’t listen to the rich man’s message.

Come back to your first love, children of God, and let go of sin and its pleasures; gods, shrines, and ritualism.

“One is not considered a great man of God by the miracles he performs, not by the laying on of hands, prophecy come true, or messages of property, because those are fleeting and will not lead the soul to heaven.”True men of God preach repentance to the lord, born again etc because this is the foundation of a man’s soul and without that you ca see heaven.

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That confirms what God revealed to me in Ezekiel 17:24, but I reject the conclusion that Cele is an idol church.Every denomination has good and evil; yours is simply to press on to your true living God.

There are many prophets, and everyone who wishes to be regarded as a true prophet is unsure who to believe in, because we live in a time when too much religion confuses humankind.I pray that God will show me who is truly true. I am perplexed because everyone wants to defend themselves. I pray that God will lead us down a more direct path so that we do not become lost.know what to say.. but I know God lives and he is watching.

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Only those who are in the true spirit of the mighty God can understand the true worshiper or prophet in this generation, remembering JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF THE MIGHTY GOD.

Be prepared for the arrival of the LIVING GOD.and prepare yourself now.

SCOAN will have to be shut down and scattered. The demonic church that has claimed many souls to hell must be destroyed. Is it true that when a person dies, he goes to the bottomless pit?”I thought he/she would go to hell and then be thrown into the lake of fire with the devil,” a Facebook follower speculated.

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