Why Whitemoney will fade soon — TV presenter opines, says, Liquorose will be better than him

A TV presenter for the popular channel TVC News, has stated that Liquorose will be better than Whitemoney, who will soon fade away.

TV presenter Whitemoney fade for Liquorose

According to the man, ex-housemate Liquorose who emerged first runner up in the just-concluded Season 6 edition of the reality show, will instead become more relevant than the actual winner, Whitemoney.

The new statement comes following a conversation, held between the presenters themselves on live TV.

TV presenter Whitemoney fade away Liquorose

The TV presenter could be heard saying to his colleagues;

“I wanna make a prediction and you can quote me on this one, that I don’t think the current winner is gonna be in the limelight for long. The one person who’s gonna be in that limelight is Liquorose who is the runner-up.”

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