Woman gang-raped and left tied to electricity pylon naked in horror sex crime

A woman has been raped, savagely beaten and left for dead in what seems to be an endless catalogue of crimes against women in India.

The victim had been hosting a wedding ceremony, in the village of Chakhabib Rudhiya, part of the city of Samastipur in India’s third-largest state Bihar.

According to local reports, she had hired a gang of men to erect marquees. When the woman left her home in the morning to use an open toilet, the suspects allegedly followed her, taking her to a nearby piece of waste land deserted area where she was brutally assaulted.

As the woman tried to prevent the men from raping her, her assailants beat her up and threatened to kill her. They stripped the victim naked, tying her to an electricity pylon where she was later found with severe injuries.

She was rushed to a sub-divisional hospital in Dalsinghsarai but was later referred to a larger hospital where she is still undergoing emergency treatment.

Her condition remains critical and she has so far been unable to speak to police.

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Angry locals later rounded up the seven men who had been setting up the tents for the wedding and handed them over to police. They are currently being questioned about their possible role in the appalling crime, reports India Today.

This shocking incident is just the latest in a long list similar crimes across the subcontinent. Repeated demonstrations have taken place in India in protest at sexual violence against women. Most recent figures suggest that a rape is reported roughly every 15 minutes.

The rapes are often accompanied by horrifying violence.

One disabled 12-year-old girl was raped, allegedly by her own cousin, before being beheaded and dumped by a pond.

In April this year two teenage girls from Khowai, in India’s Tripura state told police they had been taken to remote woodland and gang-raped by eight men who they named to police.

Earlier that same month a 15-year-girl in Jhalawar City, central India, said that she had been drugged and then subjected to an eight-day sexual assault ordeal by some 20 men.

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One Indian filmmaker, named Daniel Shravan, sparked outrage in 2019 by saying that law enforcement was having no effect on the epidemic of rapes across the country and so women should just accept the reality pop the situation and always carry condoms with them.

A US government travel advisory warns: “Indian authorities report rape is one of the fastest growing crimes in India and went on to say violent crime, including sexual assault, is rife in numerous tourist hotspots.”

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