“You Can’t Make Many Innocent Girls Useless And Hope To Marry A Useful Wife” – Reno Omokri Warns Men

Former presidential aid Reno Omokri has offered an important relationship advice to men.

The social media commentator in an open letter to men advised them to be more careful with how they treat innocent girls because women aren’t music tapes that can be sampled anyhow.

According to him, you can’t make an innocent girl useless after lying to her that you will marry her and hope to marry a useful wife when you are about to get married.

Adding that sometimes getting married to bad wives is a punishment from God for displeasing Him with how they treated some innocent girls who cried and cursed them.

“Dear men,

Women are not looking for prayer warriors to marry them. Women know how to pray too. What they are looking for are PAYER WARRIORS. When the pay is there, many of the prayer points won’t even arise. Poverty sometimes makes prayer points too long! An eligible bachelor is an unmarried man with enough material resources to sustain a wife and any children she may have. A prayer warrior is not automatically an eligible bachelor. If a prayer warrior marries without an income, he will become a prayer worrier!”

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