Actress Wofai Fada Celebrates Traditional Wedding Amid Partner’s Family Dispute

Photos of Joyous Ceremony Surface Amidst Claims of Unawareness from Partner’s Family

The internet has been abuzz with the joyous news of popular actress and comedienne Wofai Fada’s traditional wedding ceremony with her partner Taiwo Olakitan Cole. The event, held in Ugep, Cross River State, marked a significant milestone in the couple’s journey together, with photos of the celebration quickly spreading across social media platforms.

The festivities come on the heels of Wofai Fada’s engagement announcement on May 4th, where she took to Instagram to share her excitement and gratitude for finding love with Taiwo. The actress posted photos and videos capturing the intimate moments of their engagement, expressing her acceptance of his proposal and her belief in happily ever after.

The traditional wedding ceremony was a vibrant affair attended by friends and family, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and joyous celebrations of the occasion. Videos from the event captured the bride and groom dancing in jubilation, surrounded by loved ones sharing in their happiness.

However, amidst the celebration, reports surfaced regarding a dispute from Taiwo’s family, claiming unawareness of his marriage or engagement to the actress. The unexpected revelation has added a layer of complexity to the otherwise joyous occasion, raising questions about the status of the relationship and the nature of the reported dispute.

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As the photos of the traditional wedding continue to circulate online, fans and followers are eagerly awaiting further updates and clarification regarding the situation between Wofai Fada and Taiwo’s family, adding a touch of intrigue to the unfolding narrative of love and family dynamics in the public eye.

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