Angela Okorie Sounds the Alarm on Marital Infidelity in Lekki: ‘A Wave of Cheating Among Elite Women (video)

Renowned Actress Explores the Causes and Consequences of Marital Strife in Exclusive Interview

In a candid revelation, popular actress Angela Okorie has brought attention to a growing trend of infidelity among married women residing in the upscale neighborhood of Lekki, Lagos. The actress made these startling claims during a recent interview where she delved into the intricacies of modern relationships and the rising prevalence of divorces and unfaithfulness.

Okorie emphasized the importance of genuine love in marriages, asserting that a lack of true affection is a key factor driving women to cheat on their husbands. According to her, a significant number of married women in Lekki are actively engaging in extramarital affairs, maintaining an outward appearance of sophistication while concealing their secret rendezvous.

The actress shed light on the disconnect between the public image of these women as classy wives and the clandestine activities they participate in behind closed doors. Angela Okorie’s revelations have sparked discussions on the challenges faced by couples in maintaining genuine connections in the face of societal expectations and pressures.

Watch her speak below:

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