Barcelona and PSG Refuse Interviews After Pundit’s Offensive Remark on Lamine Yamal

Controversy Erupts Following Inappropriate Comment About Young Star Lamine Yamal

Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) declined to participate in interviews with Spanish TV following a contentious incident involving former Atletico Madrid assistant manager German Burgos. The altercation stemmed from an inappropriate comment made by Burgos about Barcelona’s emerging talent, 16-year-old Lamine Yamal, during coverage of the Champions League quarter-final clash at the Parc des Princes on Wednesday.

Burgos, who previously played for Atletico, was serving as a pundit for Movistar Plus when the incident occurred. While discussing Yamal’s skills showcased during ball juggling, Burgos made an insensitive remark that sparked outrage. He commented, as reported by the Daily Mail: “If it doesn’t go well for him, he could end up at a traffic light.”

The remark alluded to individuals who perform tricks for money at traffic lights, a comment widely condemned online for its insensitivity and perceived racial undertones. In response, both Barcelona and PSG demanded a public apology from Burgos and the studio before agreeing to conduct interviews with the channel.

Following the request for an apology, Burgos publicly expressed remorse, stating: “It was a comment made without the intention of hurting anyone. If anyone felt offended, I apologise publicly.” The sentiment was reiterated by the channel’s personnel, including presenter Ricardo Sierra, who addressed the situation for viewers expecting interviews with players post-match.

Sierra clarified, “I understand that many spectators expected us to have a conversation or interview with Barca. But PSG and Barca have notified us that they were not going to attend to us because they were tremendously angry with a comment that was made on our set.”

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Despite the controversy, players and managers from both teams cooperated with media duties for alternative broadcasters following Barcelona’s exhilarating 3-2 victory. The on-field performance showcased by Xavi’s team provided an enthralling spectacle, establishing a favorable position for Barcelona as they head back to Spain for the second leg of the quarter-final.

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