BBNaija All-Star Pool Party Sparks Controversy: Ilebaye’s Romantic Kiss With Cross and Her Intentions to Kiss Other Housemates

The Thursday pool party at the BBNaija All-Star house became the center of attention as viewers witnessed a passionate moment between housemates Cross and Ilebaye. The romantic kiss shared by the two contestants quickly sparked a whirlwind of mixed reactions on social media, leaving fans and viewers in a frenzy.

Prior to the pool party incident, another housemate, CeeC, divulged an intriguing incident involving Cross and Ilebaye. According to CeeC, she had previously intervened to prevent Ilebaye from entering the bathroom with Cross, citing her concerns for his well-being. Allegedly, Cross was inebriated at the time, which prompted CeeC to stop them from showering together. This led to Ilebaye humorously labeling CeeC as a “babysitter.”

Throughout Wednesday evening, CeeC continued to express her worries about Cross, keeping a close eye on him during her interactions with other housemates. When offered the suggestion to sleep on Cross’s bed to watch over him, CeeC declined, emphasizing that Cross was like a “brother” to her.

In the midst of the ongoing drama, Ilebaye was seen discussing her intentions to kiss boys with fellow housemate Doyin. She proudly shared her plan to kiss as many boys as possible, taking inspiration from the pool party kiss with Cross. During their conversation, Ilebaye confidently referred to herself as a “baddie” and asserted that kissing multiple boys was simply a casual act of fun.

The video of Cross and Ilebaye’s pool party kiss, combined with the revelations from CeeC and Ilebaye’s discussion with Doyin, has fueled intense discussions on social media. Fans and viewers have offered various opinions and reactions, ranging from excitement over the romantic moment to concerns about the housemates’ behavior and intentions.

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As the BBNaija All-Star season continues, the house remains abuzz with drama and intrigue, captivating audiences and sparking conversations both within and beyond the show’s fanbase. Viewers eagerly await further developments and revelations as the housemates’ actions and relationships unfold.

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