Chelsea Advised Against Pursuing Napoli Striker Victor Osimhen Amidst Striking Dilemma

Concerns Over Confidence and Potential Massive Investment Prompt Caution in the Transfer Market

Chelsea has received a stern warning against the potential signing of Napoli striker Victor Osimhen, despite the club’s apparent need for a reliable center-forward. The caution comes from former Blues defender William Gallas, who fears that additional competition for the No.9 role could adversely impact the confidence of current striker Nicolas Jackson.

Chelsea made a significant investment of €37 million in Villarreal’s Nicolas Jackson during the summer transfer window. Despite a promising start, including a hat-trick in a 4-1 victory over Tottenham and another goal against Manchester City, Jackson has faced challenges in his early weeks at Chelsea. Gallas, in an interview with Lord Ping, expressed concern that introducing Osimhen could further complicate the situation.

“Victor Osimhen joining Chelsea would harm the confidence of players like Nicolas Jackson,” Gallas cautioned. “You have to be careful and really think about bringing in a new striker. Chelsea should finish the season with Jackson and see how many goals he gets. We also need to see how he improves. He has the quality to do so. Chelsea need to let Jackson get to work.”

The speculation about Chelsea strengthening their attack in the January transfer window has been fueled, but Gallas suggests that monitoring Jackson’s performance and giving him time to develop is crucial before making any decisions.

The potential return to fitness of Christopher Nkunku, who is yet to debut for Chelsea, could also influence the club’s transfer plans. If Nkunku replicates the form he displayed at RB Leipzig, scoring 23 goals in 36 games last season, it might alleviate the need for a significant investment in Osimhen.

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However, Osimhen’s potential arrival comes with a hefty price tag, as Napoli’s asking price exceeds €100 million. Aurelio De Laurentiis, Napoli’s owner, remains firm on the valuation, stating that clubs must be prepared to break the bank for the Nigerian star.

With 18 months left on Osimhen’s contract and an ongoing dispute over a new deal with Napoli, there’s a financial argument to postpone any potential deal until the summer. Nevertheless, Chelsea, eager to bolster their firepower for a top-four challenge, faces a dilemma between immediate needs and financial prudence.

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