Cristiano Ronaldo Declares Saudi Pro League Superior to MLS, Says All the Talent Coming to Saudi Pro League is Influenced by Him

Cristiano Ronaldo, the star striker for Al-Nassr, has ignited a debate by asserting that the Saudi Pro League surpasses Major League Soccer (MLS) in terms of quality, just days after his rival Lionel Messi made his official move to Inter Miami in the United States.

Ronaldo’s decision to join Al-Nassr at the beginning of the year triggered a wave of European talents flocking to the Middle East for lucrative contracts this summer. While Messi had the opportunity to follow suit, he opted for a move to the United States after leaving Paris Saint-Germain. However, Ronaldo believes that he has joined the weaker league, expressing his views candidly during a post-preseason friendly press conference against Spanish side Celta Vigo on Monday (July 18).

“The Saudi league is much better than the United States,” Ronaldo stated, making a direct comparison between the two leagues. Furthermore, he took credit for the recent influx of Saudi signings, emphasizing his significant role in attracting top players to the region. Ronaldo stated, “My decision to go to Saudi was 100% crucial for clubs to bring in new top players. It’s a fact. It was going to take a year, but it was six months. But I knew this was going to happen because in the Italian league, when I went there, it was also dead and then rejuvenated.”

Ronaldo firmly believes that his presence generates heightened interest and attention, leading to the influx of notable players. He confidently predicted that more stars would be drawn to Saudi Arabia in the upcoming season, confidently asserting, “I’m sure that next season more stars will go there [to Saudi Arabia].” The 38-year-old football icon also expressed his belief that, within a year, the Saudi league would surpass the Turkish and Dutch leagues, making significant strides in the European football hierarchy. He stated, “In one year, more and more top players will come to Saudi. In a year, the Saudi league will overtake the Turkish league and Dutch league.”

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Ronaldo’s comments have sparked discussions among football enthusiasts, comparing the quality and competitiveness of various leagues around the world. While the Saudi Pro League continues to attract top talent with lucrative contracts, MLS remains a prominent destination for renowned players seeking a new challenge in the American football landscape. The contrasting views between Ronaldo and Messi’s choices have added to the ongoing debate about the best destinations for players aiming to make an impact in their respective leagues.

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