Davido Vows December Concert in Warri Amidst Former NFF President Feud

Battle of Contracts: Davido Responds to Allegations, Vows to Take the Stage in Warri

In a dramatic turn of events, award-winning Afrobeat sensation, Davido, has declared his determination to headline a concert in Warri city this December, following a highly publicized clash with Amaju Pinnick, the former President of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF). The dispute arose when Pinnick accused Davido of breaching a contract, asserting that the artist failed to honor an agreement to perform at an event on October 6th.

Expressing his dissatisfaction, Pinnick revealed that he had shelled out a staggering $94,000 to secure Davido’s appearance, additionally booking a plane worth $18,000 to transport the singer and his team to the state. Despite the substantial financial investment, Davido was conspicuously absent from the event, leaving Pinnick dismayed and describing it as a significant setback for the city of Warri.

Adding fuel to the fire, Pinnick criticized Davido’s alleged egotism, drawing comparisons with his rival, Burna Boy, whom he deemed superior. Taking to his Instagram story to counter these claims, Davido confidently announced plans to headline a concert in Warri come December, challenging anyone to try and thwart his performance.

“I will be performing in Warri, December! I want to see who has the audacity to stop me. The body will tell you,” Davido boldly declared.

“I want to donate money to @thenffofficial; they’ve been suffering for too long. It’s not fair. Let’s do something @puma.”

In a previous post, Davido cryptically reminded Pinnick that “those who live in glass houses should not throw stones,” hinting at potential complexities within their agreement.

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Despite this, Davido remained resolute, asserting that no one possesses the authority to prevent him from performing anywhere, underscoring his unwavering commitment to taking the stage in Warri.

The unfolding saga suggests that there may be more to the story than meets the eye, leaving fans and the public eager to uncover the undisclosed intricacies of this clash between the Afrobeat star and the former NFF president.

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