Elsie Okpocha, Former Spouse of Comedian Basketmouth, Shares Powerful Message to Women Amidst Marriage Turmoil

Social Media Relationship Expert Encourages Women Not to Blame Themselves for Spousal Infidelity

In the aftermath of her highly publicized divorce from comedian Basketmouth in 2022, Elsie Okpocha has taken on a new role as a social media relationship expert, sharing a poignant message to women about navigating the challenges of spousal infidelity.

Elsie, a mother of two, emphasized that it is never a woman’s fault when a man chooses to cheat on her, regardless of her beauty, intelligence, or culinary skills. Encouraging women not to internalize blame, she urged them to stop punishing themselves for their spouse’s actions.

Addressing her followers, Elsie stated, “This is to women; you need to understand that when a man cheats, 80% of the time, it has absolutely nothing to do with you. So don’t beat yourself up. You can be beautiful, sexy, a great cook, intelligent, and still face infidelity. It’s not you; it’s never you. Don’t blame yourself for something someone else decides to do.”

The comment section erupted with mixed reactions, with some speculating about the role of infidelity in Elsie’s own marriage. However, Elsie’s message resonated with many, prompting discussions on the complexities of relationships.

Amidst the speculation surrounding the cause of her divorce from Basketmouth, Elsie chose not to dwell on personal details. Basketmouth had announced their separation on Instagram, pledging to co-parent their children amicably and requesting privacy.

The comedian, who previously asserted that divorce was not an option for them, faced scrutiny as old videos of the couple expressing their commitment to each other surfaced. Despite the initial stance against divorce, their marriage ultimately came to an end.

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In a statement issued last year, Elsie addressed marriage-shaming, cautioning against societal pressure on unmarried women. She highlighted the challenges of marriage, emphasizing the need for hard work despite its inherent beauty.

As Elsie navigates the aftermath of her divorce, her message to women serves as a reminder to prioritize self-love and understanding in the face of relationship hardships.

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