FIFA President Rejects IFAB Proposal for ‘Blue Cards’ in Football

Gianni Infantino Voices Opposition to IFAB’s Plan for Temporary Player Dismissals

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has firmly opposed the proposal put forth by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) to introduce ‘blue cards’ in football, asserting that the idea holds no place in elite-level competitions.

The contentious proposal, which entails empowering referees to issue temporary 10-minute dismissals to players for dissent or cynical fouls, was brought to light during discussions at the IFAB’s Annual General Meeting in Scotland.

Infantino, speaking to reporters upon his arrival at the meeting in Loch Lomond, expressed FIFA’s staunch opposition to the concept of blue cards, emphasizing his lack of prior knowledge about the proposal before it garnered public attention.

“There will not be any blue cards used at elite level. This is a topic that is non-existent for us,” stated Infantino, asserting FIFA’s firm stance against the notion. He further asserted, “FIFA is completely opposed to blue cards. I was not aware of this topic – as the president of FIFA.”

Infantino highlighted FIFA’s role within the IFAB and emphasized the need to uphold the essence and tradition of the sport. “We are always open to look at ideas and proposals. But once you look at it, you also have to protect the essence and tradition of the game. There is no blue card,” he affirmed, closing the door on the possibility of implementing such a rule change.

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