Footage and Images of Police Search at Wagner Group Chief’s Residence Released to Russian Media (Video and Photos)


Footage and photos(Picture gallery at the end of the article)  documenting a police search conducted at the home of Evgeny Prigozhin, the mutinous chief of the Wagner Group, have been made public by the Russian media. The search took place at Prigozhin’s office and personal residence, revealing luxurious amenities and intriguing items belonging to the Russian private military company’s head, who recently led a short-lived uprising.

The footage and photos, initially aired on Channel 1 on Russian television, were reportedly recorded on June 24. Some images originated from Prigozhin’s office in St. Petersburg, while others depicted his expansive property outside the city, which journalists have described as a “mansion” or a “palace.”


The residence showcased several opulent features, including a helicopter pad with an accompanying aircraft, an indoor swimming pool, a well-equipped medical room, and a dedicated prayer room. Additionally, photographs unveiled bundles of cash and multiple bars of gold.

Among the intriguing items discovered were indications of Prigozhin’s adventurous lifestyle. The footage revealed a closet filled with wigs and disguises, various identification documents issued under different names, and at least six handguns, the legal status of which remains uncertain.

Separate images circulating on Russian social media purportedly show Prigozhin in different disguises, including wigs, fake beards, and military uniforms. Accompanying descriptions suggest roles such as a Defense Ministry employee in Sudan and a diplomatic assistant in Abu Dhabi. However, the authenticity of these photos is yet to be verified.

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Further images from Prigozhin’s residence displayed empty decorative cases that reportedly once held gift sledgehammers. The Wagner Group has faced accusations of using such tools for executing defectors on the front lines.

Notably, Prigozhin has presented crafted sledgehammers as gifts to both friends and adversaries. Last November, he reportedly sent one to the European Parliament in response to calls by Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to designate the Wagner Group as a terrorist organization.


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