Wave of Abductions Hits Benue State as Gunmen Target Commuters and Travelers

Benue Links Vehicle Ambushed on Naka Road – 13 Passengers Kidnapped, Adding to Disturbing Trend

In a distressing incident, gunmen have reportedly seized control of a Benue State-owned transport company vehicle, Benue Links, abducting 13 passengers along the dilapidated Naka road within the state. Simultaneously, a man, his wife, and their driver were allegedly abducted on Monday morning at the same Naka route while traveling in their private vehicle.

The victims, who were passengers on a journey from Otukpo to Makurdi in the Benue Links bus, were attacked at Tyolaha village along the Naka road in Gwer West Local Government Area of the state on Thursday, according to witnesses. The armed assailants intercepted the bus at Tyolaha village, leading 13 passengers into the bush after overpowering them.

Eyewitnesses revealed that the bus, carrying a total of 16 occupants, saw only three managing to escape the gunmen’s clutches during the ambush. The incident unfolded on November 9, 2023, at Tyolaha Ahume community on the Naka – Makurdi road, marking an alarming recurrence of such attacks in the region.

Comrade Alexander Fanafa, the Acting General Manager of Benue Links, confirmed the incident in a telephone conversation with our correspondent. However, he admitted lacking detailed information about the event.

The kidnapping on Naka road is unfortunately becoming a disturbing trend, with this recent incident adding to the growing concern for the safety of travelers in the area. Despite the gravity of the situation, the Benue Police Command’s spokeswoman, SP Catherine Anene, remained unresponsive to calls and text messages seeking information.

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As residents and travelers grapple with the escalating insecurity, there is a pressing need for authorities to address the recurrent abductions and enhance security measures to ensure the safety of citizens traversing the Naka road and surrounding areas.



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