Havertz Hails Saka’s Amazing Cross in Arsenal’s Late Victory

Kai Havertz’s Goal Propels Arsenal to Premier League Summit

In a crucial moment that lifted Arsenal back to the top of the Premier League, Kai Havertz expressed his admiration for the “amazing” cross delivered by Bukayo Saka that led to his match-winning goal against Brentford on Saturday evening.

Speaking to Match of the Day after securing a hard-fought victory for Arsenal at the Gtech Community Stadium, Havertz acknowledged the significance of Saka’s precise cross in the dying minutes of the match. The goal not only sealed Arsenal’s win but also propelled them to the summit of the Premier League, edging past rivals Manchester City and Liverpool.

Arsenal, following the trend set by other top teams, seemed destined for a draw in their first game after the international break. However, Saka’s remarkable cross towards the back post found Havertz perfectly positioned to nod the ball in, igniting celebrations among the away fans.

In post-match reflections, Havertz expressed his gratitude for the late winner and the opportunity to celebrate with the fans. He commended Saka for the exceptional delivery, describing it as “amazing” and highlighting the precision that allowed him to score the decisive goal.

“These late winners are nice, and then to celebrate in front of the fans, it was a good feeling for sure,” said Havertz. “The cross was amazing, and I thought maybe why not do this run, and the ball was perfect, and I scored.”

Havertz also shared insights into the challenges faced by a new signing, emphasizing the need for hard work and belief. He acknowledged the expectations that come with a significant transfer fee and expressed gratitude for the support of the fans.

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“I am so thankful for fans’ support. It is hard when a new signing comes, and they pay a lot of money for you,” Havertz added. “It is hard work; nothing comes from itself, and you have to work and have to believe. I tried to put my ego aside.”

The late victory and Havertz’s appreciation for Saka’s contribution mark a pivotal moment for Arsenal as they navigate the competitive landscape of the Premier League.

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